Monday, September 06, 2010

Hunt hunt!

“Vive la Rue - The Red Seal Hunt” is a Sim wide hunt for items from shop owners in the Rue Sim.
These hunt items represent the best of what the residents of Rue D’Antibes have to offer.

>> Your Hunting For: A white envelope sealed with red wax.

>> Where to Start: >> Teleport to the Starting Location ->

1. Search for the wax sealed envelope.
2. Once you’ve found it, buy it.
3. You’ll find the next landmark link inside the folder from the envelope in your inventory.
Double click and teleport!
4. Repeat!
5. Check blog for hints >>

>> NO GROUP CHAT? NO PROBLEM!!: Click on any of the hunt posters and wear on the { Rue Hunt Chat } Object provided inside. You’ll be able to chat with other hunters sim wide.

The Chat Channel is /99

..:::Hunt Rules & Tips:::..

1. Dont shout out the direct locations in open chat, or over the (communication thingy), it will kill zee point of hunting in the first place.

2. Don't IM of the store owners and ask them for help, that's what the blog and (communication thingy) are for.

3. If there are problems, post them on the blog or contact one the the moderators. (list names)

4. Please-please-pleeeeease...try to de-prim and de-script yourself as much as possible! Rip off those A.O’s, and that heavy hair! It only makes you and everyone else in the SIM lag faster and harder.

5. Given that many of you will not follow Tip #4, please be patient and wait for the stores and hunt items to Rez. If that doest work, log out of SL, turn off the computer, get up, go outside, grab a cup of joe, and come back when its dark and everyone has vanished from the Sim. (note: Vampires may be roaming the streets during this time so carry some garlic. However if you are a vampire, my apologies, but please try not to bite anyone)

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